Dr. Christy Petry

November 17, 2022 0 comments Ken Amorosano

College Instructor, Sales Representative, Horse Show Sectary/Manager, West Texas A&M University , Kimes Ranch Apparel, AQHA, SRCHA, STHX, RHAA, and 4-H/FFA

Dr. Christy Petry wears many different hats, and sometimes multiple hats in the same day. She wears a coaching hat during weekly practices with her Texas Elite youth horse judging teams, her Doctorate hat to lecture in the Ag Business & Economics classrooms at West Texas A&M University, her sales hat every day for Kimes Ranch, and her rodeo hat when carrying flags at major rodeos. Some days she wears a straw hat when working in the branding pen and on special days you can find her under the arena lights showing a horse, managing the show, or judging horses under the brim of a nice clean felt hat!