That Western Life Podcast X COWGIRL Episode 19: Kaitlin Lorman

Living in an urbanesque area, Kaitlin Lorman didn’t grow up that way – she grew up in the city and even went to college directly in the city. “I am not really from a rodeo background – I have been obsessed with horses, literals since the day I was born, and nobody knows why because I don’t have a horse family,” says Kaitlin. In fact, her mom even tried to talk her out of horseback riding because she was afraid that she would end up like Christopher Reeves.

There was no rodeo community where she was at in Ohio, the “land of the Quarter Horse Congress.” Starting her brand, Sundial Show Clothing until 2015 and releasing her first items in 2018, Kaitlin’s first few customers were rodeo contestants and she had no idea about any part of the culture and background.

“First and foremost, I am a horse person at heart… I have a degree in equine studies … horses are the main thing in my life,” says Kaitlin, who then asked herself, “how do I make horses the main part of my life – to make them my job?”

“I don’t really have a background in fashion design, but as a kid I was obsessed with magazines, looking through them and cutting out pictures of clothes,” says Kaitlin. But, as a child, she had no confidence to be into fashion. “I was teased for being tall – it wasn’t like ‘you’re so tall and beautiful,’ it was a ‘you’re tall and a weirdo.’”

A fan of America’s Next Top Model and runway shows, Kaitlin never realized just how much she liked fashion as well as horses.

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