That Western Life Podcast X COWGIRL Episode 6: Anna Baglione

Located in Bishop, California, and a native of central California, Anna Baglione is a recipient of the 2021 COWGIRL Magazine 30 Under 30 Award. Growing up on an almond farm in the central valley of California called Escelon, the heart of the central valley, they had a variety of crops and farm animals throughout her childhood in this little farming community. Next door to Oakdale, Anna spent her time riding horses and taking lessons. That was where she got her first unpaid gig as a camp counselor at a horse camp and who knew it would have led her to the adventures that she has been on in her short life. 

“‘We could take our horses and go camping and it was only about a two-hour drive to nice corrals where you could set up and ride out to some nice land,” says Anna, whose mom got them involved with the Backcountry Horsemen of America. “We went out to the mountains and started bringing the horses and I got introduced to packing at [sixteen years of age]… because I liked horses and I liked camping.’

“It was the perfect intersection for her to begin finding what she was passionate about!

“When Anna turned 18 years old she heard about a job opportunity on the east side of the Sierra Nevada’s but it took a lot of people to convince her to do it. Before that, she had ridden but was also a big time long-distance runner in cross-country. At the juncture of trying to decide if she pursue the path as an athlete or to focus on getting a degree and riding horses – she chose the latter and ended up at Rock Creek Pack Station in 2012!”

One with the back country, Anna takes us on an adventure of the land that she loves and up into the high country of the Sierra Nevada’s with stories of trail life, Bishop Mule Days, and even of a pesky bear!

Listen to Anna’s episode here!

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